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Home automation systems have become increasingly popular over recent years, allowing for the remote control of a variety of different appliances, such as lighting, heating or even roller blinds, using a Smartphone, tablet, or PC. These innovations are now being used in outdoor facilities, such as swimming pools.


Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive manual pool water checks, Asamgohas developed Ofi, the smart and luminous pool analyzer. A smart device that floats on your pool's and analyses the water quality in real time.

Ofi, makes child's play of managing your swimming pool remotely !

This comprehensive system continuously monitors the water quality parameters, automatically notifies you if an abnormality is detected and provides advice on the maintenance steps to be taken. For a higher degree of user convenience, the Smartphone app allows you to view all of this information at any time.



A number of factors have been taken into account in Ofi’sdesign. Swimming pools should be maintained, checked and adjusted on a regular basis to maintain clean and safe water. Pool owners must therefore measure certain indicators (pH, chlorine, alkalinity level etc.). If the pool does not have a specific and often expensive system that monitors them automatically, these checks are carried out manually using strips or by taking samples. These measurements must be carried out regularly and do not always give accurate results.

Plus, if water analysis is carried out too late, the use of additional chemical products will be required, meaning the pool can’t be used for a longer period of time.

Ofi provides solutions to all these problems. It has been designed to look unique, has remote access, which automatically analyses your pool’s water quality and lets you know before the water becomes unsuitable for swimming– wherever you are. Ofi allows its users to enjoy their pools to the maximum with complete peace of mind, reduces time spent maintaining the water and prevents the excessive use of chemical products.

Ofiis equipped with sensors that use analytical algorithms, developed in collaboration with a CNRS team, that continuously monitor water temperature, redox and electrical conductivity,and analyse water hardness, salinity and alkalinity.

Its three-colour indicator lights provide information on your water quality at a glance: a green light indicates good water quality, a blue light indicates action should be taken and a red light indicates intervention is needed. This information is sent to your Smartphone together with advice on what maintenance to carry out. You can also see your water analysis history in the app. Users are immediately notified when levels aren’t right, no matter where they are.

Maintenance products recommended by Ofi can be ordered through the app. Users can also get in touch with a local maintenance professional.



Ofi is extremely easy to use and highly intuitive, working on its own. It’s not necessary to change anything in your existing equipment, and it only sends you the important information you need.

The coloured LEDs show this information directly, or it you can access it on your Smartphone using the Sigfox network, or Bluetooth.

Ofi is compatible with the Sigfox wide area network, developed specifically for smart devices, which allows it to operate without Wi-Fi and send data to users even when they are away from home. Ofi also operates with Bluetooth when users are near the pool.

Using its Smartphone app, Ofi allows you to :

- Know the state of your swimming pool water at any time,

- Receive notifications or look at the actions to take so your water remains clean and balanced,

- See your analysis history,

- Order maintenance products to be delivered directly to your home, get in touch with a maintenance professional near you.



Ofi fits in with and adapts to all types of pools, whether using chlorine, bromine or salt water chlorinators and with or without covers. Two versions are available, Ofi Light and Ofi Zen. Ofi features a solar panel and a battery.

Not only does Ofi Light indicate the status of the water thanks to its light, but it can also be used to create a beautiful lighting design and add a decorative touch to your pool after dark.

From your smartphone you can easily control the atmosphere you want to create.

Ofi Zen is the model recommended if your pool has an automatic cover. With its flatter design, it works even when your pool is covered.



Smart devices like Ofi, which aim to facilitate the use and maintenance of pools, have a very promising future.

Ofi by Asamgo has been designed for private pool owners, particularly those that do not have automatic water maintenance systems (which can be complicated and expensive), spa owners, and for professionals (pool technicians and manufacturers of maintenance products) who may want to offer the system to their customers as part of a customised service.



In January 2017, Ofi was awarded the innovation award from swimming pool specialists and a prestigious A’design award awarded by design specialists.