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Order your Ofi today and simplify the pool!

With its iPhone & Android app, Ofi keeps you informed of the state of your water and the actions you need to take at the right moment.
What’s more, Ofi’s lighted indicator shows you the status of your water without even consulting your smartphone.

Forget the analyses, stress, and bad surprises: simply let Ofi guide you ! 
Ofi works in chlorine pools, bromine pools, or salt water pools.


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Ofi Light simplifies your pool

  • Check water quality at a glance
  • No more manual analysis
  • Your pool is under control
  • Ofi Light illuminates your pool at night

* offer Flash reserved for 100 pieces

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Ofi Light le simplifica la piscina

  • Verifique en un santiamén la calidad del agua
  • Acabado las cargas de análisis manual
  • Su piscina está bajo control
  • Ofi Light ilumina tu piscina por la noche

* oferta Flash reservada para 100 piezas

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