Ofi's Sensors | Ofi by CCEI

Ofi's Sensors

Ofi, in order to be able to constantly monitor the quality of your pool water, is equipped with 4 sensors.

An irremovable temperature sensor and 3 electrochemical sensors.

These 3 probes are colored (blue, red, black) in order to be easily identifiable by the user.

Ofi probes are equipped with a double-seal sealing system, which guarantees optimum waterproofness.

Their design is specifically designed for Ofi, which makes them very easy to install or replace in a few seconds (Plug & Play), without the need for a professional.



  • The Blue sensor is in charge of monitoring the pH of your water. The pH is an indicator of its acidity level.


  • The Red sensor controls the Redox (the oxidation-reduction potential) and allows us to calculate the level of chlorine or bromine present in your water and thus ensure that its disinfecting power is sufficient to eliminate algae or bacteria.


  • The Black sensor measures the electrical conductivity of your water pool. Thus we can provide you with the hardness level or salt content of your water for pools equipped with a salt electrolysis system.