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Discover CCEI

CCEI - manufacturer of innovative swimming pool devices

Since 1973, CCEI has been imagining, designing and manufacturing innovative devices aimed at making swimming pool maintenance easier, improving equipment safety and making the swimming pool environment safer.

Our businesses :

We are specialized in 3 types of complementary devices:

  • Automation: it is CCEI’s original activity and it consists in creating solutions which allow to automatise as much as possible the essential functions of the pool: control of the filtration, the cleaning robot, etc.

    We have been developing for several years some more electronic solutions allowing to smartly control more functions (filtration adapted to water temperature, or automatic lighting at night) in a more intuitive way.

  • Water treatment: we create and design devices to automate water disinfection and to control the essential parameters such as pH or RedOx.

    Our range goes from intelligent salt electrolysis devices which produce chlorine according to water temperature, to automatic pH regulation devices or other combined devices allowing to control pH and chlorine regulation. We also develop smartphone apps to control our water treatment devices.

  • LED lights : we have chosen very early to use LEDs in pool lighting. In 2007, we offered LED lights to replace the traditional pool incandescent lamps.

    Since then, we have developed the largest range on the market for LED lights, which allows us to meet 99% of the needs. Our lights have unequalled power/size ratios and are fully customizable: type of equipment, lighting colours, power, material and finish colour.

CCEI around the world:

For over 40 years, we have grown a lot and we have exported in over 40 countries around the world. We created several subsidiaries, each having one or more manufacturing units, and a commercial team:

  • CCEI Romania: since 2004
  • CCEI Africa: since 2014
  • CCEI Canada: since 2014
  • CCEI USA: since 2018
  • CCEI Spain: since 2019

Innovation is in our DNA:

Each year, we draw on our experience of the swimming pool market to imagine innovative solutions adapted to pool builders and users. 

Our research and development team has grown in the past years, and can rely on strong knowledge in electronics, mechanics, embedded systems and electrochemistry. Each device has been imagined, designed and developed in our offices.