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Ofi : Intelligent Floating Object

1 - Let us guide you...

Simply place Ofi in your pool, and it continually tells you about the state of your water. Ofi does not require any changes to your existing equipment.

Since the water in a pool is constantly changing, Ofi continually analyzes it in order to warn you if you need to take action.

This way,you no longer need to conduct manual analyses, a chore you only do when you remember - and no more mishaps with green water.

Ofi allows you to do the right thing at the right time for your pool.

Since aggressive or corrosive water is bad for you and your pool, Ofi is looking out for you.



Making Technology Simple

The sensors equipped in Ofi have been carefully selected.

The analytical algorithms were developed in collaboration with a CNRS team. Ofi monitors the temperature, pH, chlorine/bromine, salt, conductivity and hardness of your water to guarantee a perfect swim.

With a lighted indicator, Ofi lets you know about your water quality with just a glance. Our wish: to offer you a simple, intuitive solution that allows you to spend less time maintaining your pool, and more time enjoying it !

Ofi Objet connecté qui analyse le chlore des piscinesOfi objet connecté qui anlyse le pH des piscinesOfi objet connecté qui mesure la température de votre eau de piscine


Ofi surveille les piscine au chlore brome ou sel


Ofi : Ultra-Connectivity

Ofi application analyseur de piscine connecté

To work wherever you live, Ofi is compatible with Sigfox and Bluetooth.
That way, Ofi will work even in areas that aren’t covered by traditional networks.

Ofi can even send you alerts when you aren’t at home.



Ofi : the App

The Ofi application allows you to see your water quality very easily.

You are only alerted when necessary, when Ofi detects an imbalance in your water.

Ofi then guides you through every action you need to take, very simply !

  • The app allows you to track the history of your analyses and your actions.
  • If needed: You can also order maintenance products and have them delivered to your home!
  • We also help you to find a professional near your home if an urgent maintenance task is required.




Since a practical object can also be beautiful...

Ofi has been specially designed to fit into its environment.

Ofi also allows you to light up your evenings! To do so, control the lighting from your smartphone and choose the atmospheric lighting that you want !



Ofi allows you to reduce :

  • Time spent analyzing and maintaining the water,
  • Purchases of maintenance products, since they are only used when needed
  • Your water consumption by reducing the number of times you drain the pool




Ofi by ASAMGO  made in France