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Pool-Grounding : What is it for ?

The pool-Grounding. It protects the pond from stray electrical current. The grounding of the pool is intended to evacuate these unwanted currents in the water (static currents, faults in the home, pool equipment, etc.). Although they are not necessarily dangerous, they aggravate the corrosion factors because they electrolyze metallic elements in the pool and can damage the coatings and disturb the sensors of the treatment equipment.This can cause excessive injections of chemicals.


Example of a pool grounding

What is problematic in the pool ?

Electrolysers are often accused of being the cause of these currents and therefore of corrosion. The real source of defects is housing.

It is enough to make an amperometric measurement of the wired housing / technical room to realize it (all the equipment of the swimming pool being stopped).

This being the case, with the transition to salt water, these defects previously limited to the single dwelling due to the poor conductivity of the "soft" water, spread more in the basin. The corrosive nature of salt does not help.

Where to find and how to install an aqua land or pool land ?

It is possible to get a pool-grounding directly in a specialty store, as it is usually a kit ready for use. you can theoretically install this accessory themselves, but it is always strongly recommended to collect as much information about the installation from a specialist dealer.

Installing a pool-grounding requires rigor and knowledge. If you have any doubt, contact a professional who will install it in no time and in a secure way. Generally, it is installed in the technical room of the swimming pool on the filtration system of the pool, downstream of the appliances producing electricity.

How to Detect the Presence of Leak Current ?

If you use electrochemical sensors (pH, redox or conductivity) or a connected analyzer such as Ofi, you just have to fill a bucket with the water in your pool and make measurements in that bucket.

If the measured values are different from those shown in your pool, it is because Stray electrical currents are present.

The installation of a Pool-Grounding is then recommended.