FAQs | Ofi by CCEI


How to maintain Ofi during the year ?

Ofi’s maintenance is very simple :

  • Winter : It depends on the type of wintering you choose. Be aware that Ofi can stay in your pool all year round as long as you are not exposed to frost. If you want to winterise OFi, simply select the "Wintering" mode on your application. Then take your Ofi out of the water, rinse the probes and replace the black caps provided for this purpose on your probes.
  • At the beginning of the season : when you put Ofi in your pool, a calibration of the probes will be done. This operation, very simple, will be explained by the application. Just follow the steps.

How to recharge the battery of Ofi ?

The Ofi battery is sized for an autonomy of 1 to 3 months, depending on conditions and usage (mainly light).

You will of course be notified by your Ofi application when you need to recharge.

To achieve it, it's very simple: just put Ofi in its receptacle and connect it with the AC adapter that is provided.

In less than 6 hours, your Ofi will be ready for service again !


Can I change the parts myself ?

The probes that equip Ofi have been developed to allow you to replace them yourself, in a few seconds.

No need to call a technician or make a service return !

With Ofi, simplicity is the key word !


Can I place Ofi in the Skimmer ?

The skimmer of your pool is often used to deposit pebbles of chlorine or other chemical, we do not recommend doing so.

And then in your skimmer, your Ofi will not be able to illuminate your swimming pool anymore ..


I am a reseller, and your product interests me !

Do not hesitate to contact us on the Professionals page of our site, for a quote, a demo, advices ...

What about confidentiality of data ?

CCEI pays particular attention to the confidentiality and protection of the data it stores.

In accordance with the prerogatives of the CNIL, it has a data protection officer.

No data collected is transmitted without prior authorization to a third party.

Our IT and hosting partners have been selected for their reliability and the quality of the security of their infrastructure.


How does Ofi connect (Sigfox / Bluetooth) ?

Ofi works without WIFI !

It connects to the Sigfox network (specially designed for connected objects) completely automatically, regardless of your internet box.

No installation is necessary.

Ofi can also, when you are near your pool run via the Bluetooth of your smartphone, to control the lighting of its light, for example !


Does Ofi application work on a tablet ?

Yes ! Ofi works on Smartphone (IOS and ANDROID) as well as on your tablet.

Can Ofi work in my pool ?

Ofi should work in pools with chlorine, bromine, or electrolysis (salt) treatments.

In the case of Salt electrolyser pools, the absence of a pool-ground (dedicated grounding) can cause the presence of leakage current in your water.

This leakage current is incompatible with Ofi sensors and may cause malfunctions in the measurements.

How does Ofi work ?

Ofi is equipped with sensors that analyze the water 24/7.

Ofi analyzes different water parameters of your pool every 2 hours and your application updates them every 4 hours

The measured parameters are:

- temperature

- the pH

- Redox

- electrical conductivity

These measurements are analyzed by our algorithms to extract the important data that tell you the state of your water.
These values are then sent via your smartphone application in a clear and simple way.
Based on its indicators, Ofi tells you if and how you need to act.


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Is my smartphone compatible ?

The Ofi app is compatible with Android and IOS smartphones and tablets.

What version of Ofi should I choose: Ofi Light or Ofi Zen ?

If your pool has a cover, we recommend Ofi Zen. It will slide under your cover when you cover your pool, so you don’t need to take it out of the water.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a pool cover, you can pick the version of Ofi that you like the best !

Do I need to take Ofi out of the water while I swim ?

You don’t need to remove Ofi from the water.

It’s up to you : you can let it float normally, attach it to your ladder or the side of your pool using its anchor buckle, or put it in its case.