Economical and ecological | Ofi by CCEI

Economical and ecological

Purchases of chemical products, maintenance products, water consumption, maintenance operations for your installation... Having a pool can be expensive...

How Ofi offers to limit these costs :

  • By anticipating the variations in your water, you will optimize the use of your chemical products for regulation and disinfection.
    That way, your products will be more effective, and you will use less of them.
  • By constantly monitoring the quality of your water, Ofi will limit the risks of premature wear on your installation. Poorly balanced water can, in fact, accelerate the corrosion of your installation.

In the same way, many pool owners who find themselves faced with episodes of green or highly degraded water choose to drain their pool in order to quickly make it usable once more.
Ofi allows you to avoid these situations by monitoring your water 24/7.

That way, you master your water bill, while also adopting an environmentally-friendly attitude.

To summarize: With Ofi, you consume fewer chemical products and less water.