Connected & intuitive | Ofi by CCEI

Connected & intuitive

Ofi is an innovative object, based on both its use and its technologies. However, we wanted to offer a product that is extremely easy to use and very intuitive.

That is why, once Ofi is in your pool, you don’t even have to think about it. It works on its own and only sends you the important information you need, as well as what actions to take. This information is, of course, available on your smartphone using the Ofi app.

But Ofi can also tell you directly the status of your water using the color of its lights. That way, you know at a glance if your pool is in good shape or if you need to act. Ofi sends its measurements in real time using Bluetooth Technology and the Sigfox Network, specially developed for smart devices.

So Ofi doesn’t need any additional Wifi installations to operate, no matter where you live !



The Ofi Smartphone App

Using its smartphone app, Ofi allows you to :

  • Know the status of your water at any time, no matter where you are: pH, disinfectant (chlorine, bromine, salt), hardness and temperature.
  • Be notified or consult the actions you should take so your water remains beautiful and balanced.
  • See the history of your analyses.
  • Order maintenance products to be delivered directly to your home if you want.
  • Get in touch with a maintenance professional near you.

The application’s interface was specially designed for simple and intuitive use. By following its advice, you can be sure to take the right action at the right time.

The Ofi app is free and available soon on :