Aesthetic and luminous

Ofi’s design was at the center of our thought process throughout the design process.


Our process is simple :

A pool is a flattering place, where aesthetics are essential. Why make objects that you than try, as best as you can, to hide... So we imagined a product that is meant to be seen and showed off !

  • Ofi’s lines fit in perfectly with its environment.


Ofi flatters your pool !

Not only does Ofi’s light indicate the status of the water, but it can also be used simply for atmosphere! Use the Ofi LIGHT’s light-up functions to create a beautiful lighting design and add a decorative touch to your pool after dark. You can easily control the atmosphere you want from your smartphone.


Ofi adapts to all situations and all environments.

Since you don’t all have the same pool, we have chosen to create different Ofi models so everyone can choose the model that suits them. If your pool has an automatic cover, choose the Ofi Zen, which will work even when your pool is covered. If you don’t have a cover and your pool lighting is important to you, Ofi Light is made for you.