Aesthetic and luminous | Ofi by CCEI

Aesthetic and luminous

Ofi’s design was at the center of our thought process throughout the design process.

Our process is simple :

A pool is a flattering place, where aesthetics are essential. Why make objects that you than try, as best as you can, to hide... So we imagined a product that is meant to be seen and showed off !

  • Ofi’s lines fit in perfectly with its environment.


Ofi flatters your pool !

Not only does Ofi’s light indicate the status of the water, but it can also be used simply for atmosphere ! Use the Ofi LIGHT’s light-up functions to create a beautiful lighting design and add a decorative touch to your pool after dark. You can easily control the atmosphere you want from your smartphone.


Ofi and his multi-functional container ...

When you acquire Ofi, it will be delivered to you with its design receptacle.

This one will allow you:

  • To maintain the sensors of Ofi in the water when you wish to bring out it of your swimming pool
  • To realize very simply the calibration of the sensors of Ofi
  • To recharge Ofi's battery if it is necessary.

Ofi Light and receptacle